The Translated City

by Ian Chambers

To think of the modern city — Cairo, London, Istanbul, Lagos, or Buenos Aires—is to experience a perpetual translating machine. Economical, cultural, and historical forces are here locally configured and acquire form, substance, and sense. These days much attention is given to how global flows become local realities in the multiple realisations of ‘globalisation’, but the archive that the city proposes actually represents an altogether deeper set of sedimentations. Cities as the sites of cultural encounters — from fifth century Athens with its Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians, to present-day, multi-cultured Los Angeles — are precisely where the outside world pushes into our interiors to propose immediate proximities.

The Invisibility of the African Interpreter
Jeanne Garane

"Les interprètes le font tourner dans un petit cercle d'intrigues.” (The interpreters keep him turning in a narrow circle of intrigues.) Robert Delavignette, Service africain

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Interview with Robert J.C. Young

translation editor Siri Nergaard met with Robert J. C. Young in New Your City on September14th 2012 at the Nida Research Symposium.

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Reflections on Translation
Paschalis Nikolaou

How does one reflect on translation? For Susan Bassnett, one of the world’s foremost thinkers in translation studies – it is a field she helped into being, no less – this is a question answered incrementally, and over time. Her Reflections on Translation collects critical pieces that appeared, for the most part, in the ITI Bulletin; their significance immediately connects to the author’s name, but the usefulness of – and often, sheer enjoyment in – reading them owes also to an adopted style and approach to communicating what’s really important. 

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